The Smart Road Trip

The Cali Garmo and his smart car Mandelbrot take on the US!

San Diego, CA

By thecaligarmo, Published on Sun 20 January 2013
Category: Fraternity

Balboa Park

San Diego was gorgeous as ever. I took the day and walked around Balboa park. If you've never been to the park it's tons of fun. There are quite a few museums and a couple of theaters. My favorite view in the park is pictured to the right. The park itself is phenomenal and I took a couple hours and just sat and did some work. Yes, I do need to work during my road trip  Someone has to pay the bills for my upcoming trip to Vegas!

At the end of the night I went and had dinner at Baja Betty's with the Alpha Delta chapter. That chapter always makes me smile and they did not disappoint. We had a fabulous time (although with a less than fabulous waiter) and I became friends with some amazing guys.