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Charleston, WV

By thecaligarmo, Published on Mon 27 May 2013
Category: Capitol

West Virginia State Capitol

West Virginia had a gorgeous state capitol building. The liberty bell replica for West Virginia was boldly placed outside in a nice presentation making it seem seamless with the building. The painting/decoration on the dome was one of the more gorgeous ones as it was a combination of copper, lead and gold. Unfortunately at the time I was there the two chambers were closed, but I did get to see the rotunda which was an amazing spectical. The chandelier was made of Czechoslovakian crystals (10,800 pieces of them) and had 96 light bulbs. It was really gorgeous. Most of the building used marble which is always fun to check out and see.

West Virginia was really cool for 2 other reasons though. 1) The information girl was super cool! I don't remember her name, but we talked for a good half an hour about outfits and she helped decide the outfit I'll be wearing for convention for my fraternity this year. She also is a nail stylist and seemed to have a lot of style. She was a lot of fun. 2) I met the guy who I learned about in New Hampshire! If you don't recall, in New Hampshire I learned about a guy who was going to every state capitol with a box of 22 stamp books in order to get stamped for all his friends. It was super funny seeing him cause he was standing at the information booth with his box and I slowly walk up and was like "so you're the guy visiting every capitol with a box of 22 stamp books." He looked so confused and was probably thinking "how the hell does this random guy know who I am? Am I being stalked?" It was kind of comical. It turned out his name was Steve and he was moving from Washington D.C. to San Francisco and in order to help sponsor his trip his friends chipped in and told him if he visited each state capitol they would help pay his expenses. So cool and so sweet! I wish my friends would have done that... Anyway, he was a lot of fun to talk to (and cute too!) and hopefully I'll get to run into him again, although I'm sure his girlfriend might then become jealous.