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Victoria, BC

By thecaligarmo, Published on Wed 19 June 2013
Category: Capitol

British Columbia Legislature Building

Victoria is where the legislature meets for British Columbia. I got to walk through the legislature building which was super cool! They only had 1 house which was kinda weird, but super cool. Their building was also a lot more grand and gorgeous than most US capitols! It kinda made me want to do a tour of the Canadian provincial capitols (next road trip?!). I didn't get to do a tour, so definitely next time.

Butchart Gardens

Butchart gardens was a pretty phenomenal place. They're not the most impressive gardens I had ever seen (that goes to Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands), but they were still pretty fun to look at. The gardens themselves were fairly small which made it kinda expensive at \$30 per person. Especially since it only took 2 hours to complete the whole thing, and that was with me going at a glacier pace. The flowers were pretty though. If you like flowers I highly recommend going.