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Bangor, ME

By thecaligarmo, Published on Mon 13 May 2013
Category: Fraternity

Bangor, Maine was pretty chill. My fraternity brother Rob Lydick lives there and it was so much fun visiting him. He showed me around town and I even got to have my very first lobster! We went to Schooner's seafood and steakhouse. I didn't know how to shell the lobster so the restaurant did it for me. It tasted different than expected and I decided that I probably wouldn't have lobster again. Wasn't my cup of tea. We also went and grabbed drinks at Red One lounge which was this really cool bar in downtown Bangor. Rob also took me to his favorite sandwich place called Giacomo. It was an ok sandwich place. Pretty good for Maine probably, but did not make my list of best sandwiches. All in all, although Bangor was cool, unless I go back for Rob I likely won't go back.