The Smart Road Trip

The Cali Garmo and his smart car Mandelbrot take on the US!

Hoboken, NJ

By thecaligarmo, Published on Sun 28 April 2013
Category: Fraternity

Hoboken was a small cute town that is right across the river from New York City. This is where my brother Brendon Wall lives! I got to stay with him which made my life exceedingly easier. He also got me a parking permit which literally made it so I could go into the city without needing to worry about anything! To get into the city I would use PATH which is the public transport from New Jersey into NYC. It was super easy and worked out perfectly.

Hoboken itself was a fun town that seemed to have a lot to offer. I walked into the Dunkin' Donuts a couple of times in order to pick up some morning nommies and we also went to a fun grocery store (don't remember the name unfortunately) where we bought stuff to make dinner! If you have a day, I recommend doing a quick walk through Hoboken.