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Houston, TX

By thecaligarmo, Published on Thu 21 March 2013
Category: Road trip

Space Center Houston

My last stop in Texas was to visit the Space Center in Houston. I went there for two days. On the first day I did their level 9 tour which was amazing in epic proportions. It was a full day tour in which we got to get a private tour of the space center, we got to see the real life mission control, we got to eat in the same cafeteria as the astronauts, we got to see the astronauts do underwater training, we got to play with the old mission control center and so much more. The next day I went back in order to see the shows and other parts of the museum that I didn't get to see since I was on the all day tour. In the end it was completely worth doing the level 9 tour and I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in the space center.

Mission Control Center